Who Are the New “Latin” Kids On the Block?

Have you checked NKOTB’s Instagram stories yesterday? If you haven’t, here’s what happened: they gave a shoutout to a latin boyband, CNCO, who danced to the sound of “The Right Stuff” and, according to NKOTB’s gif, they were “killing’ it.”

But, something else happened first; CNCO (which in Spanish sounds like “cinco” and means “Five”) posted on Instagram and TikTok their moves and asked our boys, “How did we do?”

Based in Miami, CNCO members are Christopher (Ecuador), Erick Brian (Cuba), Joel (México), Richard (República Dominicana) and Zabdiel (Puerto Rico); they began their new journey as a boyband after having won – in 2015 – Univisión’s musical competition “La Banda” (The Band)

According to their website, they have placed ten songs in the Billboard’s List of Latin Pop Songs; they were nominated for a Latin Grammy and their song “Reggaetón Lento” (Slow Reggaeton) has become a “classic.”

CNCO released its debut album Primera Cita (First Date) in 2016, which quickly became a global success and was certified Diamond, Platinum, and Gold in the United States, Latin America and Europe.


If you’re latin@, you probably daydreamed about Danny, Donnie, Joey, Jordan or Jon, listening to Ricardo Montaner’s balad “Tan Enamorados” (So In Love) Do you remember? ????

Well, CNCO has released a new version of the song and… as a Blockhead, don’t you think the video resembles to something we’ve seen before?


So, either these young men were raised by Blockheads or they truly know how to pay tribute to the first boyband ever. A third option? Nope. We spread love and have good thoughts! ????