Win a Private Concert With Joey McIntyre

How many times did you dream about attending a concert and being that one girl who had drawn Joey McIntyre’s attention? With him singing to you and nobody else but you…?

What if I tell you that could happen?

To support the IAMA Theater Company, Joey McIntyre has joined the list of celebrity donors at, offering you the chance to win a private concert for you and whoever you may want to share this experience with.

Do you remember, back in 2016, when Joey was part of the IAMA 23 festival? That was epic! In 23 hours, great actors gathered together to write, direct and perform seven plays in 23 hours, without sleeping! That’s what Joey would do for the IAMA company and the theater.

Joey McIntyre at the IAMA 23 Festival March 14, 2016 - Atwater Theatre Village. Los Angeles (CA) Iconic actors, and seven plays written, directed and performed in 23 hours. See what happened behind the scenes of the IAMA 23 Festival, held on March 13, 2016

And this concert via Zoom, which you can win via, is what he would for you. The concert will last thirty (30) minutes; so, we’re not talking about a quick song, hello and goodbye; this is literally a dream come true, and it could be yours.

Experience expires on Sep 01, 2023.