What’s Your Favourite NKOTB’s Holiday Performance?

Joey is in Cape Cod wondering how this Christmas is going to turn out, and we got to thinking about a few videos and performances the New Kids On The Block gave us during the holidays we shared.

Joey McIntyre, Rhys and Griff / @JoeyMcIntyre IG Stories, Nov 19, 2020

Which one is your favorite? Watch and vote!

1. Joey McIntyre and Lea Michele, “Baby, It’s Cold Outside”

In 2017, Joey performed at the magical world of Disney, “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” with the one and only Lea Michele.

2. NKOTB, “Unwrapped You”

Also in 2017, the New Kids made from home and with their families the video for the song “Unwrapped You”, from the EP Thankful.

3. NKOTB at Arsenio Hall, “Funky, Funky Christmas”

Going back in time! In 1991, the New Kids performed one of the songs we never get the chance to hear live. Do you remember this one?

4. Christmas Medley, at the 2017 Cruise!

Courtesy of @Tammi_inco, we get the chance to watch this beautiful performance, while we dream about being on that boat once and for all! (Christmas wish? #wish! As the captain would say)

5. NKOTB, “This One’s For The Children”

Ok. Even though it’s not a holiday song per se, it is in their Christmas album and it is one of our dearest anthems; so we gotta consider it, right?


Do you have another performance in mind? Let us know in the comments!