5 Times Jon Knight and Harley Rodriguez Made Us Fall In Love; Believe in Love; Feel the Love

Jon and Harley are celebrating the anniversary of the date they met, thirteen years ago! They have been engaged since 2016, but the wedding is yet to come! In 2018, Jon shared his love on their ten year anniversary like this:

So… How about recalling a little bit more of this two lovebirds? Because their story and their love gives us hope! And it makes us want to spread love! And we need that… ?. These are five times Jon and Harley made us fall in love, believe in love and feel the love.

1. When They Participated in the Amazing Race

That was epic! Wasn’t it? And, for many of us, a chance to get to know Harley better. Not so long ago (October, 2020) Jon recalled those days and we brought up from the archives a clip of the final scene of them at TAR ?

2. When They Attended A Wedding Looking Smoking HOT!

At Logan and Hannah’s wedding, they suit up for the red carpet! Are they even real? ?

3. When Harley Made a Video About His New Life in the Farm

On June 2020, Jon shared with us a clip of Harley happily dancing with Stella, saying, “This amazing man traded in his life from the big city of LA and our home in NYC to join me at our small farm in Massachusetts…he has adjusted perfectly to the life we have created and now he’s right at home!”

4. When Jon Wrote a Letter on Harley’s B-day

On April 2019, Jon wrote to Harley the most candid letter – telling how their love story came to be – and published it on Instagram with a clip… ? (Just, get some tissues before you read the letter…)

5. When They Showed Us Their Rings

… ?… And on October 27, 2018…

Wanna show them some love? These are their official accounts: