Jon Knight and Harley Rodriguez: Love is in the Farm’s Air

Can we have it all? Jon and Harley seem to be the living proof of that. For the past weeks, Jon has been showing us how he’s been working on his new garden with his family and sharing news of his upcoming show; but there was something missing: the husband from the city, living the farm’s life.

Jonathan Knight and Harley Rodriguez met in 2008 (on Feb 25) and they got engaged in 2016; Jon revealed to Jenny McCarthy – on Sirius XM – how he popped up the question to Harley during a vacation they shared with their families.

In 2017 they talked about getting married on 2018, but they waited. In 2019, for Harley Rodriguez’s birthday, Jonathan made public a letter in which he shared the struggles he had to go through, to say yes to love again; he published it on Instagram with a homemade video showing moments of the couple.

Their love has been growing strong for over a decade, and now they have proved they’d go far and beyond for each other.

To leave the city and lalaland for a life in a farm, that is a huge change; but there’s nothing we wouldn’t do for true love. Harley made a hilarious video which Jon shared on Instagram saying:

“This amazing man traded in his life from the big city of LA and our home in NYC to join me at our small farm in Massachusetts…he has adjusted perfectly to the life we have created and now he’s right at home! I adore you @harley.rodriguez to the moon,and back,and back,and back ? * disclaimer… Stella can fly so she was not harmed in the making of this video. We as chicken dads toss her around all the time. #chickenbootcamp