Behind the Scenes of Blue Bloods With Donnie Wahlberg

Yesterday Donnie Wahlberg celebrated his 52 birthday and, as many do, he had to do it while he was working on the set of the Blue Bloods; however, that didn’t stop him from tweeting and reposting all the salutations he was receiving on social media.




Hence the team of Blue Bloods put a production assistant to play his role during a scene they were working on, and the P.A. even received a well deserved round of applause for his effort.

The next day, Donnie thanked talent agent Shafi Uddin, actress Vaishnavi Sharma and director Jackie Tejada, and also shared a photo by José Perez (@jpphotography09)

Donnie Wahlberg, IG Story, Aug 19, 2021
Donnie Wahlberg, IG Story, Aug 19, 2021

Finally on Friday Donnie Wahlberg posted a hilarious meme of his TV Dad Tom Selleck arriving to the birthday party that D-Nice hosted live on Instagram.

Donnie Wahlberg, IG Story, Aug 20, 2021

The 12th season of Blue Bloods premieres Friday October 1st on CBS and Paramount Plus.