Debbie Gibson Gives a Shout Out to Joey McIntyre’s Wife For “Supporting Joe and I as “Pop Soulmates”

Debbie Gibson celebrated her 53th birthday with her friends, and Joey McIntyre and his wife Barrett Williams were amongst Gibson’s guests.

More than a good a friend, McIntyre is to Gibson her “pop soulmate”. Debbie Gibson and Joey McIntyre’s “pop soulmates” relationship, began during NKOTB’s 2019 Mixtape Tour, where they both sang as a duet Gibson’s song “Lost In Your Eyes.” They duet was so well received by the fans, that Gibson and McIntyre recorded it and also released a video.

Debbie Gibson Spills the Beans About Her Duet With Joey McIntyre (6/13/19) Joey and Debbie’s duet, turned out to be one of the highlights of the Mixtape Tour. Whose idea was it? Do they have plans to record it?

During the afternoon of her birthday, Gibson posted on Instagram a clip of her and Joey, and wrote:

“There were many amazing moments from my Birthday that I will be sharing in the coming days but, let’s start with …. this! Joey McIntyre in the house !!! What a special treat to be together again on my big day”

In 2021, Debbie Gibson and Joey McIntyre did a mini residency in Las Vegas, an 8 night limited engagement at The Sands Showroom (The Venetian Resort) in Las Vegas. And on 2022, they got together again to debut as collaborative writers in Debbie Gibson’s new holiday album “Winterlicious.”

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And most recently, on January 15, Debbie Gibson made a guest appearance on Joey McIntyre’s concert at Carnegie Hall.

Gibson continued writing on his Instagram Post:

“And… a very special shout out to Barrett McIntyre the world’s coolest gal for always supporting Joe and I as “Pop Soulmates”!”

Joey McIntyre replied on his Instagram Stories, “Such a fun night!!! Your friends are some of my favorite people!! And ya got me and the wife out of the house!!”

Joey McIntyre at Debbie Gibson’s Birthday Party