Donnie Wahlberg: “In the studio In 2021 And All Over the Map In 2022”

“It’s getting louder… And louder…” ? Just a few days ago Donnie started teasing again about the upcoming NKOTB tour “and” new music; and today he spilled the beans, plain and simple.

Quick recap?(*) On December 2019, almost three years ago!, Donnie Wahlberg and Jared Paul shared on Instagram that they were “plotting and planning” with the hashtags #20212022. Then the pandemic arrived, but Donnie sent a tweet – on February 2020 – that started the biggest buzz of all times; he wrote:

“Sitting up here in the sky, on a plane. 
Brainstorming on what we will do in an ocean, on a boat. 
On land, in a baseball park. 
Then in cities, states, countries & continents, around the world in 2021.” 

Twitter / Donnie Wahlberg

The NKOTB tour couldn’t start on 2021… But hey, we got to see them at Merriweather Post Pavilion and Fenway Park!

A year later, on January 2021, Donnie Wahlberg said, “Worldwide trip when this is over;” and then on May, after his performance on The Masked Singer – which was very emotional for all of us BHs – he said, “see all of you WORLDWIDE, in 2022.” And yes, he used caps.

Since then, he’s been leaving a few hints here and there; on August a fan mentioned the empty tour page on the NKOTB App, and Donnie asked us for patience; and most recently, on September 9, he mentioned the NKOTB cruise was “coming soon”. But, before that, he had been golfing with Joey McIntyre and Jared Paul and practically said they were working on new music.

Now, on the occasion of Kaygee Gist’s birthday (Naughty By Nature), Donnie Wahlberg let us now the New Kids On The Block are working on new music with Naughty By Nature and that we’ll see them “all over the map in 2022.” He posted:

Donnie Wahlberg, Sep 16, 2021

“Happy Birthday to one of the greatest talents, and greatest human beings, I’ve had the pleasure of working with in my career — @kaygeenbn from @naughtybynature4ever and @illtownsluggaz! So thankful to you Kay! Still can’t believe I actually get to make music with you — and even more blessed to call you a friend. See you in the studio in 2021 and all over the map in 2022! Let’s get it!”

Just to be clear, later he also posted an IG story about it:

Donnie Wahlberg, IG / Story, Sep 16, 2021

What’s coming next for NKOTB and Block Nation, is something that the New Kids On The Block have been thinking about for almost three years. If you though the opening act at Fenway Park was mind-blowing, can you imagine what this next tour is going to be like?

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