Donnie Wahlberg Can’t Stop the Whisper

Did you catch Donnie Wahlberg stories yesterday? And above all, did you catch the stories from Sunday when the buzz started? Donnie, Joey and Jared Paul went golfing on Sunday, and later in the day Donnie posted a series of stories that led us to think NKOTB is working on new music which we’ll get to hear, “Not Donnie Soon.”

Now, yesterday, he raised the bar to a whole other level.

First, Cathy (@catlange74) shared a story about her and her husband, saying the hubby was trying to ‘buy?’ some events, and that she replied to him that if they could follow NKOTB tour she’d do it.” To which Donnie answered: “Love This! See you on the road hubby!”

Donnie Wahlberg, IG Story, Sep 8, 2021

Yup. That happened.

And then! Natalie (@natalienoland87) said she misses the cruises, to which Donnie replied, “Coming Soon”, with big read letters.

Donnie Wahlberg, IG Story, Sep 8, 2021


So! I won’t say go gaga again because all I can hear right now is … “can’t stop the whisper.” ?