Donnie Wahlberg on BBC 2 Radio: Bringing the Mixtape Tour to Europe “In The Very Near Future”

UK Blockheads have done their work, ladies and gents; and that’s how the New Kids on the Block made it to UK’s BBC 2 radio with their latest single “Bring Back The Time“.

But could you have ever imagined that Donnie Wahlberg would join Zoe Ball on her show, and that he’d bring some special news for the UK fans? Some freaking awesome news for the European fans?

BH Angela Harris (TW/Angelaharris_75, 46), told me, “We have all been tweeting and instagramming, Facebooking etc; you name it, we’ve done it.” She has been a fan of the New Kids on the Block since age 14, has attended only one concert and she has become my one of my new heroes: besides being a mom of three and working for the NHS, she copes with Crohn’s and Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, and she has one the most positive attitudes I’ve ever seen.

So, as you can imagine, she was beyond excited when he got to listen to Donnie Wahlberg on UK’s BBC 2 radio, saying that they’d bring the Mixtape Tour to Europe “in the very near future.”

Did you just faint? Wait. There’s more 😉

During the show, Zoe Ball brought in a phone call from lifetime BH Steph (TW/@StephaniePotts1), who had no idea that his favorite New Kid was listening to her; Steph talked about “being mad on New Kids on the Block” back in the 90s, collecting every issue of the Smash Hits magazines so that she and her friends “would compite against each other who had the most posters.”

And then Donnie jumped into the conversation…

In her shock – and as any true BH would do – the first words Steph spat up were, “When are you coming to the UK!?” to which Donnie responded, “As a matter of fact, we’re talking about it in the very near future.” And he added, “Would you do me a favor when we do come over? Will you be my guest backstage with your girlfriend?”

Regarding the support from UK fans and the BBC 2 radio, Donnie told Zoe, “the support for this record (…) it has really opened the door for the Mixtape Tour to come over to Europe (…) We’re gonna make it happen.”

The last time the New Kids on the Block visited Europe was in 2014 with the tour “Let’s Get Intimate;” which happened right after the US four night event “After Dark” in Las Vegas. Before that, they had done it with the Backstreet Boys on 2011 with the NKOTBSB tour. On 2008, they did a quick stop with “New Kids On Block Live – 2008”, but a big concert – such us the Mixtape Tour – is something fans from Europe haven’t experienced since the 90s.

So far this year, besides the US Mixtape Tour 2022 – with special guests Rick Astley, Salt-N-Pepa and En Vogue – which is going to kick off on May 10, NKOTB has announced a two night event on Hawaii with special guest TLC (Aug 5 & 6). And let’s not forget the cruise that’s going to set sail on October. That’s a pretty busy schedule but… what if?

The 2014 European tour (May 6 – Jun 1, 2014) was announced on February 3 of the same year; the US “After Dark” which happened later (Jul 10-13) was announced on March. So, needless to say, when Donnie Wahlberg says they’re planning to bring the Mixtape Tour to Europe, “in the very near future“, it could definitely mean sooner than you might expect.

Listen to the full show here >>

Thank you so much @AngelaHarris_75! I couldn’t have done this in such a short time without your help. And a huge shoutout to all the UK fans for making this historic come back a dream come true. 🤖💞♾

Donnie Wahlberg on BBC 2 Radio. April 8, 2022

Updated 7.00am ET