Donnie Wahlberg Recalls Her Mother Alma on the Anniversary of Her Passing

It’s been two years since Alma passed away; and today Donnie recalled her with a cute clip.

He began his Instagram post writing,

“Today is not a day that I acknowledge you not being here — it’s a day that I celebrate the time when you were here. Of course I miss you dearly, how could I not, you were the strongest, bravest, toughest, funnest, funniest and most lovingest human being, I’ve ever known.”

Alma, after having struggled with an illness for two years, passed away on April 2021. Donnie confirmed it with a candid letter on Instagram, on April 18, 2021.

On today’s post, Donnie continued,

“But today, I choose to honor that courage, and that unmistakable “Alma attitude”, that always shined through — even in the most difficult of times. I love you mom. As always, your Baby Donnie.”