Donnie Wahlberg Shares a Clip of Alma Dancing to Her Favorite Song

On the occasion of Alma Wahlberg’s heavenly birthday, Donnie shared on Instagram how DJ Nice celebrated her birthday last year by playing her favorite song, “Native New Yorker.” Donnie attached to the post a clip where he plays the record for her, rushes into her bedroom and asks her, “You hear your song?” Alma, who was resting, sits down on the bed, and begins smiling and moving to the rhythm.

On his post, Donnie wrote,

“There are no tears today. Only joy. Only love. Only gratitude. Only reminders. To celebrate the gift of every single day, because tomorrow is not promised. To spread love to every single person that you can, because you never know just how much it will mean to them. To let those whom you love know exactly how much you love them, because you don’t know if you may not have the chance to tell them again.”

Alma Wahlberg passed away on April 2021, after battling dementia. During an interview for ET, Donnie said his last words to her were, “You did good.”

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