Farmhouse Fixer Renewed For a Second Season

Jonathan Knight (renovation expert) and Kristina Crestin (interior designer) will be back on our screens with a TV show that have stolen our hearts and changed the history of renovation TV shows.

It Was Worth The Wait

The wait for the first season of Farmhouse Fixer seemed to have lasted a lifetime. In 2018, Jonathan Knight shared the pilot onboard of the NKOTB cruise; and on January 2019 he was already sharing what was happening behind the scenes of the shooting; back then, the pilot was set to premiere at the end of the year.

But, we had to wait a little longer; on January 2020 we learned we were waiting not for a pilot but for an entire season! and the premiere was scheduled for late 2020. However, the pandemic arrived and the shooting had to be postponed. On June 2020, Jonathan Knight and Kristina Crestin were able to resume their meetings, and Farmhouse Fixer was re-scheduled to air first quarter of 2021.

Farmhouse Fixer Premieres on March! Watch Special Sneak Peek January 29, 2021 - The waiting has ended. Jonathan Knight's TV series Farmhouse Fixer on HGTV, will hit the screens in a few weeks.

Jonathan Knight Announced Second Season of Farmhouse Fixer

Farmhouse Fixer, a six (6) part renovation series, premiered on HTGV on March 3, 2021; since the last episode aired, we’ve been waiting for the announcement of the second season and now, as we say in Block Nation … “the time has arrived.”

In a candid interview for the New York Times, Jonathan Knight opens his farmhouse so that photographer Tony Luong can capture Knight’s breathtaking vision and life style, while talking about his family and how he grew to become “Farmhouse Fixer.”

Kristina Crestin shares more about Jon and his true devotion to the work we’ve watched in Farmhouse Fixer on HGVT; Steven Kurutz writes, “When they achieve the right balance of historic preservation and modern amenities, Ms. Crestin said, Mr. Knight has been known to cry off camera.”(1) It’s an interview to read over and over again, to print it and frame it.

Jonathan shared the news on Instagram saying, “So happy to announce season 2 of Farmhouse Fixer on HGTV! Thank you @nytimes for the great article,” and sharing a photo Tony Luong.

Bandmate Joey McIntyre added later, “The @nytimes ain’t doing a story on ya if you ain’t the real deal. And @jonathanrknight is. So thrilled about season 2 of #farmhousefixer in the works. As I said before, this ain’t no vanity project. Dude knows what he’s doing. 👍🙏🤘😎”

When Is The Second Season of Farmhouse Fixer Going to Premiere

Farmhouse Fixer Season 2 is set to premiere late 2022. The date hasn’t been officially announced yet.

When Is the Next Farmhouse Fixer Marathon?

You can catch the next marathon of Farmhouse Fixer on HGTV on May 23, 6AM-10AM ET. You can also stream the show on Discovery Plus

About Farmhouse Fixer

Farmhouse Fixer, premiered on HGTV on March 3, 2021, as a six (6) part renovation series hosted by Jonathan Knight-Rodriguez and Kristina Crestin. Its first season is currently airing on HGTV and streaming on Discovery +.

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(1) Kurutz (2021) “The New Kid Who Loves Old Houses.” New York Times. URL: [Retrieved July 13, 2021]

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