Watch Griffin McIntyre Performing “Shallow”, at The New York Songwriters Circle, at The Bitter End

We’ve seen Griffin countless times on stage singing with Joey, holding his dad’s hand, and we began saying, “He is the sixth New Kid.” Well, The Kid’s kid is making his own way now, and he is doing it like a pro.

We began seeing Griffin on stage years ago, with headphones and singing the first lyrics of Tonight, during NKOTB’s concerts…We even saw him singing with his dad at Fenway Park, “Please Don’t Go Girl”…

On April 8, Griffin had the spotlight; he performed “Shallow,” at The New York Songwriters Circle (at The Bitter End) on its monthly showcase, a community that has been the home of greatest artist such us Lisa Loeb, Norah Jones and Lana Del Rey.

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Published by Singer Songwriter/vocal coach, Tina Shafer, for NYSC

For a Blockhead, this is a day when we all say, “That’s my nephew! I know him since he was born! I’ve seen him grow!” Griffin is making his own way, and he is doing it in “The City”… how-about-that.

The NYSC showcases meet on the first Monday of every month, at The Bitter End, NYC. 

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