Jordan Knight is No Longer on Social Media

Jordan Knight has finally closed all his social media accounts; first on Instagram, then on Facebook and finally on Twitter.

(*) This post has been updated

On April 1, I published this post under the title “Has Jordan Knight Left Twitter Too”, when Jordan’s account on Twitter lost its blue badge and changed to “jordanknight617”. I even showed you how the members on my list had changed.

I also mentioned his account was still active, and I shared with you how his first tweet looked back in 2009 and after his username changed.

screenshot before April 2021
screenshot taken on April 2021

That first tweet was at twitter/jk/1554570889… and if you click on it, you’ll see it’s no longer there.

I see no point in writing another post on this, so I updated it.

Bottom line is:

Jordan Knight has closed all his social media accounts.

You know what I always say… “Spread the word. Stay safe on the web!”