Jordan Knight: No Longer on Instagram, Nor On Facebook

Jordan Knight is, to this date, only Twitter. Learn more about it and spread the word.

After Jordan Knight closed his Instagram account (jordanknightofficial) last Thursday and changed the profile picture of his fan page on Facebook (jordanknightofficial, also) many BHs were happy for his return (also sad and angry for him leaving Instagram) and I thought Facebook was the social media outlet he was going to keep; I was wrong.

Heads Up! Jordan seems to have left Twitter too (Apr 1, 2021)

Retrieved Feb 15, 2021. 3am ET

It saddens me to think about all the videos we won’t be able to watch again; he had so many fun clips on his Facebook Page. Over the years I posted some of them (“just in case,” I thought back then) at the blog’s YouTube Channel; I’ll create a section for those videos so you can find them easily.

Now, there’s no time nor point in being sad; he said (according BHs who saw his last Instagram post) that he was going to cut off his social media not that he was going to leave it for good.

What matters now, is to spread the word.

We’ve been struggling a lot for the past few years, especially since the Mixtape Tour, with fake accounts claiming to be Jordan Knight; many BHs, sadly, fell for those scams. So, it’s time for us to be creative on Instagram and Facebook, and share as much as we can this news.

To this date, Jordan Knight is only on Twitter: @JordanKnight

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