Jordan Knight Has Closed His Instagram Account

Jordan Knight’s official account on Instagram is closed, but something else is going on.

(*) This post has been updated

Sorry BHs, it is true. @JordanKnightOfficial on Instagram is shut down.

Retrieved February 12, 2021

I am as shock as you are. But, it appears that something else might be going on.

How Long Had Jordan Been Off Instagram?

Jordan hadn’t been active on Instagram for a long time; his last post was from August 2019, when he showed his support and condolences for the “El Paso shooting.” This was right after the Mixtape Tour ended on July 4, 2019.

Jordan Knight on Instagram, Aug 4, 2019

During 2019, we saw him on his family’s Instagram celebrating his father’s birthday (Nov, 2019) and on Donnie’s Instagram at a Celtics game (Dec, 2019). On 2020, Novara’s Instagram published a couple of photos of him, with Donnie and the chef (Jan, 2020) and then a fan shared a picture with Jordan after running into him at Home Depot (Jul, 2020)

His absence was particularly odd, because during the Mixtape Tour he had been very active on Instagram, even streaming live his chats with fans.

Why Did Jordan Knight Close His Instagram Account?

According to some BHs who were online the night before, Jordan published one last post on his Instagram feed announcing he was going to cut down his social media outlets… and then he deleted it everything.

At the blog’s FB page, in the comment section for this post, Kimberley informed us:

“I thought I saw a post at some point last night that read something like “I am tightening my social media belt and going to using only one platform, but don’t worry I will be back” Not word for word exactly what it said but it was something like that.”

Kimberley Householder, Feb 12, 2021

Also at our Facebook page for Joey, in the comment area for this post, Theresa said,

“Jordan did a post on Instagram that he was moving his social to one platform (but did not say which one was specific) & that he would be back “some day””

Theresa Bailey Reuter, Feb 12, 2021

Are His Other Accounts Active?

[Updated] Up until Feb 12, 2021, Jordan Knight was on Twitter (@JordanKnight) and Facebook (@JordanKnightOfficial).

Retrieved February 12, 2021
Retrieved February 12, 2021

On Feb 12, he even changed the profile picture of his fan page on Facebook.

Retrieved February 12, 2021. 4am ET

… while the New Kids On The Block updated their profile background image on Facebook.

However, on Feb 16, Jordan Knight has also closed his Facebook Page.

But Why, Oh, Why!

Please reflect with me a little bit on this… Some people just simply don’t like to be on social media; I don’t! but I must because I’m a full-time blogger and it comes with the job so I can “promote” my work. But celebrities don’t have nor need to do that…

Jordan leaving Instagram shouldn’t come as a surprise; do you remember how the other day we recalled their first tweets, and Jordan’s first one – from 2009 – where he said, “Do I really want to do this?” He did his best as long as he could; we have great memories – super fun memories! – from his live streams; maybe he’ll do it again on Facebook, maybe he won’t…Either way, it is his right.

I put an emphasis on this because I’ve seen the ladies from @Wahlbonkers had to delete a post on Facebook because they were receiving nasty comments.

I receive a lot of those too, and it has made me stay offline more than once. Specially on the blog’s YouTube channel… Geez… Once someone left a comment saying the New Kids were “evil trans” or something like that… I need to find the screenshot.

Anyways, my point is that those of us who are online sharing all things NKOTB, are here for love and fun; to spread love and joy… Why would anyone spread hate where there should be nothing but love?

And, let’s go back in time to late 80’s for a moment… Would we have send a hateful letter to the New Kids, because they wouldn’t reply to the ones we had sent? No… We would only send them love letters and gifts… Do you think it’s possible to think and behave like a decent human being on social media, as we do on the streets? I think it is.

Are you with me? (I know you are)