The History of the 6th Member of The New Kids On The Block

On our Weekly Edition 21/04, we found out that “another” 6th member of the New Kids On The Block had been found; the guys shared a clip of a talented YouTuber showing some amazing moves at the beat of “The Right Stuff”, and they said, “the 6th secret member of NKOTB has finally been revealed!”

But, didn’t you wonder… How many “6ths” members do we have so far? When did this tradition start? Is there one true sixth member of the New Kids On The Block? I did ?

The 6ths So-Called Members of The New Kids On The Block

Meet Jason Pleasant

Drumroll please…

Like… “OH-MY-GOD”, right? Jason has a very fun YouTube Channel called “MyJazzyMac Entertainment” with over 17,000 subscribers! And he’s one neurodivergent (like yours truly ??‍♀️) in the spectrum; as he creates Play Along Videos and Original Video Content, he has a Patreon page so we can show our support and get exclusive content!

Jason (25) was born with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) and like most neurodivergents (specially ADHD and ASD) he’s highly creative and autodidact; he started playing the guitar at 6 years old, he’s a songwriter and he has been a YouTuber since 2011.

To learn more about him, Jason has a page at where you can find all his social media outlets including his YouTube Channel.

But, this was not the first time the New Kids On The Block have said that a “6th member” has been revealed. So, when did this tradition start? How many are there so far?

A Recount

One may think that Griffin was the first 6th member (back in those days when his headphones were bigger than his cute little head) or you may recall that recently (last year on December) Oprah received the honours…

But, there are more…

On 2010, Danny named Jared Paul the 6th member on the occasion of his birthday, tweeting:

Happy Birthday to Jared Paul. Without him the @NKOTB reunion would have never happened. The official 6th member. Proud to call him my friend

@DannyWood, Nov 5, 2010

On 2013, after Marc Hochman (host of 560 WQAM & 790 The Ticket/Entercom Miami) asked for the honor, Danny challenged him saying, “Guest comedian on our cruise 2014? You can be 6th member if you can do this:”

… and hey, in 2010 even Jon’s “lung” was about to become the 6th member, according to his brother Jordan:

“Jons left lung is gonna become the 6th member if he keeps it up…..that’s after he coughs it up on stage of course….”

— @JordanKnight, Feb 21, 2010

But, the original 6th member is not a person…

The Real and First 6th Member of the New Kids On The Block

In 2009, Danny Wood was the first one on Twitter to name the 6th member of the New Kids On The Block: you! He tweeted,

Wow!!!! You guys are so awesome. The Today Show was amazing, and its all because of the 6th member of NKOTB, you guys. Thank you!!!!!!!!

@DannyWood, May 8, 2009

Ten years later, Donnie wrapped it up with a bow on Women’s Day:

“New Kids on the Block is not comprised of only 5 guys. It also has a 6th member — w millions of strong, passionate & loving women, who are the backbone of this family. The community you all have built will never cease to amaze us. We celebrate you today! #InternationalWomensDay

@DonnieWahlberg, March 8, 2019

So, there you have it!

The 6th member of the New Kids On The Block is one big fat gorgeous family, and you are part of it.