NKOTB Weekly 21/04

Catching up with the latest posts plus: humor; TV time with Jon; photos; a Flash Back Friday with Joey (do you remember when he was single?); Donnie at the dentists; and…an NKOTB World Tour may happen sooner than we expect.

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On Other News

Joe Mac: “Keep Hope Alive”

On Martin Luther King Jr’s day, Joey wrote on Instagram:

It’s easy to think we should be farther along the path to justice and equality and love and kindness, since #MLK walked us through the darkness of his time.
Today the skies are heavy with clouds but rays of sun have the power to break through. 
#KeepHopeAlive and have faith that we can get there, not with hate (and hate is hate no matter where it comes from), but we can get there with love and kindness.
MLK was as powerful as they come and he did it with love.
β€œAnd let it begin with me.”


The US Has a New President and the New Kids said…

… Nothing. Well, after the reaction of some fans to the guys’ political tweets, what can we expect? However, Joey did express his hope with a few emojis and retweeted @BidenInaugual’s tweet on Katy Perry’s performance.

On The Wood Works

On “The Wood Works. Ep. 11“, Danny walked us through his own “big ass scones” recipe. For Danny’s complete workout routine of the past week, check out the next page. ????

Donnie Wahlberg at the Dentist

On Sunday, Donnie shared a clip on his Instagram stories, while a dentist was working on his pretty teeth and he was listening to club quarantine; the clip is available on his Instagram Highlights.

A 6th Member of the New Kids On The Block Has Been Found

“Another one,” that is. Meet Jason Pleasant, a talented neurodivergent (ASD) YouTuber. Let’s just say that if Jordan Knight doesn’t show his face on social media soon, there will be an opening on the Block… and it could be taken ????

Bernie Was With The New Kids Too

A photo of Sen. Bernie Sanders – taken at the inauguration – became a meme this week; the New Kids and the cast of Blue Bloods joined the fun.

Here’s the Joey We Used to Know ????

The departure of Tom Brady seems to be like a splinter on Joey’s soul. Nick Carter, from the Back Street Boys, tweeted a clip of him celebrating the Buccaneers are going to the Super Bowl…

… and Joey retweeted him saying,

Ya know, Nick, @nkotb have a lot of sway in Boston and we had to sign off on this whole thing. You’re welcome. When the #GOAT wins number 7, I expect a shipment of crawfish or whatever #Tampa is famous for. Enjoy!! #GoBucs

@JoeyMcIntyre, Jan 24, 2021

Photos: Weekly Gallery

That’s Love

When one follows all of the guys on every single social network they have, every single day, it not only makes you feel closer to them but also helps you to know them better (and that’s what they want!)

I’m writing this on a personal note because what I’ve seen in Donnie’s tweets last week really touched my heart.

On Monday night he left a “#loveeternal”, letting us know he was getting into a plane; and an hour later, only an hour, he tweeted again, “I love you guys. always. #loveeternal.” On Wednesday, he tweeted,

If each of us simply takes a moment to spread a little bit of love β€” even to just to one other human being β€” then love will undoubtedly, unquestionably and inevitably, spread. Pretty simple. #SpreadLoveAndLoveWillSpread

β€” @DonnieWahlberg, Jan 20, 2021

Then on Saturday, he even explained what “eternal” means, which is simply… so cute!

And finally on Sunday, it’s like he couldn’t take it anymore, literally; and so he wrote the “Worldwide road trip β€” when this is over” tweet, that’s making us go gaga since he posted it… That’s love

Now, doesn’t it make you feel starting the week like…

Stay safe and, Happy week!