Joey and Griffin McIntyre at Playground LA: The Mac Boys Hit the Floor

Have we agreed that Griffin McIntyre is not the kid from Country Comfort anymore? His debut as an actor and singer was outstanding, but Griffin has moved on since the show has been cancelled. He’s been taking dance lessons with Dexter Carr (and even DWTS’s stars Valentin Chmerkovskiy and Jenna Johnson), and this time, he brought along his dad Joey McIntyre to share his moves.

Griffin McIntyre: Learning From the Best

For the past three weeks, Griffin has been sharing on Instagram sneak peeks of the dance lessons he’s been taking at “Playground LA”, with instructors such us Kenny Wormald and Dexter Carr. On Jan 31, he also had a class with DWTS’s stars Valentin Chmerkovskiy and Jenna Johnson.

Joey and Griffin met Valentin and Jenna the day they shoot ABC’s special “A Very Boyband Holiday.” Do you still wonder if Griffin could be getting ready to join the cast of Dancing With Stars? His father seems to believe he could… 🤔

Joey McIntyre. IG Story, Jan 31, 2022

Father and Son Hitting the Floor

This Thursday, Joey and Griffin McIntyre posted a clip of them performing a choreography together, and they told us to wait for the full clip…

And now, here it is! Enjoy!