Joey and Griffin McIntyre Interview Each other for ET

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Since Country Comfort premiered on Netflix, every time I see Joey and Griffin together, that I see Griffin taking the reins of the live stream or whatever it is that they’re doing, I still fangirl without shame.

I keep recalling those live streams the New Kids On The Block did during the first stage of the quarantine and Griffin looking so young! and talking about the mumbles he recorded for “Block Party”. Do you remember that?

Note: Griff appears at min 4:27

When I watched the latest live stream they did together, interviewing the young cast of the show – Pyper Braun, Shiloh Verrico and Jamie Mann – I was blown away; it was Griffin’s first live stream and he conducted himself like a pro. Now I watch this ET Exclusive and I get this bitter-sweet feeling, “I won’t write again ‘Joey McIntyre’s son did this or that’… Now this is ‘The Griffin McIntyre’.”

As they interview each other, Griffin asks Joey about the best advice he would have for him as he starts his career; he also asks him for “the best pitch” for Joey to guest start on Country Comfort’s possible season 2. The answer? I wouldn’t dare to give you a spoiler ?

Joey asks Griffin what he thinks when he watches New Kids On The Block’s earliest performances and if sings his songs. “Yeah I sing your songs – Griff says – Well, my voice has changed, so it’s tough for me to sing ‘Please Don’t Go Girl.'”

Joey also asked Griff who he’d like to act with in the future, and the reply Griffin gave was “Leonardo Di Caprio” (his favourite actor). Joey said, “Wait a minute, he would, at this point, he would kind of like play your dad. Wouldn’t you want, like, me to play your dad?” And Griffin answered, “I would like you to play my dad! He could be, like, your friend!”


Joey has already played Griffin’s dad on TV. Do you remember “Return of The Mac” and the episode where Griffin says, “I wanna do what you do dad!” And, what was that…? Oh, please, watch:

Anyways, as I always say after 400/500 words ??‍♀️, “without any further introduction” here it is! Enjoy ?

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