Joey McIntyre Pre Announces Dates and Destinations for His 50 For 50 Tour

During his concert at Carnegie Hall, where he celebrated his 50th birthday, Joey McIntyre mentioned his intention of doing fifty shows this year. And today, we learned his intentions are a plan on the making.

Joey McIntyre. IG Stories, Feb 10, 2023

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The buzz about it began after his first Instagram Story of the day, where he is on his Peloton bike and there is a white board with dates and destinations behind him. Did you catch the story? Check it out

He meant to show that! Oh, yes he did…And hey, did you catch on the bottom right “Christmas shows?”

Later on an Instagram Live, he began saying, “My peloton video today had my white board marker calendar behind me. It looked like… It was so obvious, it looked like I meant to do it and I really didn’t. I was conscious of that, but then I am glad that it didn’t get everything and I’ve been meaning to catch up with you guys about my tour and how I am gonna get to these fifty shows.”

So ok, BH. Do you wanna catch your breath? Go straight to the live video? Because, this is …

I am leaving the live video below, so you can hear the news coming out of his mouth and, OMG, listen to a song he’s writing!!!

But first! the dates and the initial list of places he wants to go; drum roll, please:

Possible dates: Spring / Summer (in the Northern Hemisphere)

Places Joe Mac wants to go, besides the US of course:

  1. Japan
  2. Corea
  3. Australia
  4. London
  5. Paris
  6. Germany
  7. Ireland

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Believe, BraveHeart!

Now, enjoy 🥰

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