Watch Joey McIntyre at Adam Ray’s Podcast, ALN

Don’t we love when these two get together? Yes, we do! After sharing the screen during the virtual NKOTB cruise – when Adam hosted Joey’s live stream – they got together one more time to talk about almost everything (from a, b, c, to d, e, f and g)

Why is Joey wearing a necklace? Is he going to do another concert on YouTube? How did he prepare for that performance? So many questions, topics, jokes and laughs. And memories! Do you remember that time they closed the Hollywood Bowl for an after party?

Adam and Joey discusses in this podcast: performing with zoom; what’s going to happen when the quarantine ends; the challenge of interacting via zoom with the New Kids; sports and family time; Griffin’s show on Netflix and … could Joey become a full-time stage dad?

NKOTB’s new single “House Party;” Which are the famous Blockheads? (Did you know about Pink and Natalie Portman?) and… Is Joey working on a solo album and a new season for the Return of the Mac?

Put your quarantine on pause and enjoy a full hour with Adam and Joey, and then, hit iTunes or Amazon for another hour of fun time watching Adam’s new movie “The Bellman.”

The Bellmen (2020) is available on iTunes and Amazon