Joey McIntyre Announces Solo Performances at the Bourbon Room

He couldn’t keep it for himself… Early in the day, Joey had mentioned on Twitter he had a surprise for us, which he would share very soon; but really soon after that, he posted a series of stories spilling the beans: he’s going to perform a few shows at the Bourbon Room.

Earlier today, during the last tech before the first preview of “Drag The Musical”, Joey caught on Twitter the surprise that a group of BHs have been planning for his upcoming birthday on December: the big 50; and he reposted it adding: “Speaking of birthday and surprises… I got a little something to tell YOU very soon.”

Later he posted, on his Instagram Stories, a few more details of what’s happening behind the scenes of Drag The Musical; since he had been sharing for the past few days how he had turned a boiling room into his dressing room, he wanted to share how beautiful The Bourbon Room was… and that’s when he said it:

“I have to say that my dressing room might be a boiling room, but the rest of the Bourbon Room is gorgeous; it really is; it’s dope; I’m gonna play a few shows here myself, soon”

Joey McIntyre, IG Stories, 9/23/22

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Joey McIntyre hasn’t performed solo since 2018; back then, he was getting ready to move to New York with his family, leaving the home they have had in Los Angeles for a decade; and he was doing a podcast about it, “The Move”, where he announced his “Hollywood Nights.”

“Hollywood Nights”, was a series of six performances (Feb 07-Apr 18, 2018) at the Hotel Café in Los Angeles. After having moved to New York, he joined the cast of Waitress The Musical on December of the same year.

So! There you have it! Joe Mac is coming back to the stage on his own! Time to get ready for the sunny California 😉