Joey McIntyre at the 2nd Annual David Ortiz Boston Heart Classic

On Sunday we saw Joey taking a selfie in front of the Mandarin Oriental in Boston, after having chased a BH on the road, and we wondered what he was doing there; now we know: he was there for a charity event.

The David Ortiz Children’s Fund held its 2nd Annual David Ortiz Boston Heart Classic on Monday, at the Brae Burn Country Club in West Newton (MA) for a very special cause: to “support to children in the Dominican Republic and in New England who cannot afford the critical cardiac services they need.”

To save the life of one children, $5,000 are needed; and, during the event, $428,994 were raised to provide essential support for 85 critically ill children.

We spotted Joey McIntyre with one of the sponsors, “The Sausage Guy”.

For more information about David Ortiz Children’s Fund visit their official website and please consider making a donation. Follow the David Ortiz Children’s Fund on Instagram @davidortizfund