NKOTB Weekly 21/21

What a week! We started we the news we’ve waiting for for such a long time, and we then we had so much fun! Between Donnie on the Masked Singer and his hilarious clip with Girls5Eva, and Joey chasing a BH in his car, we can agree this was one of the funniest weeks we had at The Blog.

We began the week celebrating Jordan Knight’s birthday with a selection of videos to smile and get to know him more, while Jon was letting us know how Ms. Lucy and Betty (his and Harley’s new goats) were adjusting to the family.

On Tuesday, Danny had Victor Popovic as special guest on the Wood Works and a few hours later we finally received the announcement of the new date for NKOTB’s Concert at Fenway Park. Meanwhile, Jon was happy to see Farmhouse Fixer is finally airing in Canada.

On Wednesday we watched Donnie Wahlberg on The Masked Singer! And he revealed more than his face after taking off his mask; many wondered about why Jenny couldn’t guess it was him and, in case you didn’t saw the update to the post, he explained it on Twitter later on Friday: while Jenny was on set, he faced time her dressed as Danny Reagan and told her he was shooting in New York; the other judges also believed that; so, the surprise was carefully planned.

Donnie and Joey also made us LOL this week; on Wednesday DDub posted a hilarious clip about an allegedly band called “Girls5Eva,” and on Saturday Joey McIntyre literally chased a BH in his car.

Finally Sunday was a happy day! While we were laughing with Joey’s adventure, Donnie was singing and spreading joy with Tuffy.

So! Without any further introduction, here’s what you and what you may have missed!

Posts In This Edition

5 Videos With Jordan Knight That Make Us Crack Up and Get Emotional. On Jordan Knight’s birthday, here’s a selection of five clips to celebrate his honesty, huge heart and humor!

Donnie Wahlberg’s Performance on The Masked Singer. Besides the shock of discovering Donnie Wahlberg behind the mask, a tweet about NKOTB’s World Wide Tour leaves us floored

Donnie Wahlberg on the NKOTB Tour With Girls5Eva That Couldn’t Happen. Girls5Eva reunion after 20 years is now streaming on Peacock!

Joey McIntyre Chasing a Fan In His Car. Joey McIntyre spotted a Blockhead while he was driving, and started chasing her!

Celebrating Jordan Knight’s Birthday

The New Kids On The Block posted a beautiful photo of JK, smiling with his cup of coffee, perfect for a portrait to put on your nightstand ☺️

They tweeted,

“Happy Birthday to our brother from another mother, Jordan!!! Hope your day is full of cake and confetti ? We love you! Blockheads, let’s show him some BH ❤️ in the comments!”


Donnie Wahlberg, posted a photo of him with JK and wrote, “Happy Birthday to this guy. Miss you JK — can’t wait to see you very very very soon!”

The Mac World

On the occasion of the Fenway Park concert announcement, Joey McIntyre posted the sexiest Namaste (doesn’t he looks hot with the goatee?)

And on Friday, he posted another one saying, “Namaste, Jack.” And you may have wondered, “Who’s Jack?”

Jack Joshep is the cutest baby boy – born 5/19/21 -, child of friends of the McIntyre family. Joey said to his mother on an Instagram comment, “I simply can’t with this creature you made!!!! #obsessed.”

On Sunday afternoon, Joey McIntyre shared that he was reading a new book, “The Nightingale;” and a few hours later, he took a selfie in front of the Mandarin Oriental in Boston, captioning the IG story with a, “Back in Boylston.”

Needless to say, if you’re in the Boston area, get an NKOTB sticker for your car…

Farmhouse Fixer: How Are The Goats Adjusting?

Do you remember the goats Jon and Harley welcomed to their family on Mother’s Day? Well, Jon has been keeping us up to date on how they are adjusting.

We got to meet Ms. Lucy and Betty, for whom he built a balance beam; Ms. Lucy has already mastered it at only 3 months old and she is already giving Jon “some major FU vibes;” Betty, on the other hand, is “sweet and calm.”

Farmhouse Fixer Is Now Available in Canada

Jonathan Knight didn’t join the conversation regarding the Fenway Park Concert announcement, but he showed up late at night on Twitter to ask fans in Canada if they were watching Farmhouse Fixer.

The Wood Works. Ft: Victor

On Monday Danny announced he was going to have a special guest on his show and said, “This is a conversation you won’t want to miss!” The guest turned out to be Victor Popovic (Vic!)

The Wood Works. Episode 2:7

Danny Wood’s Workout Routine

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Oh Captain, My Captain

Congratulations Evan!

At the Wahlberg’s house, it was a week of celebration for Evan; on Tuesday Donnie wished a happy birthday to “the best stepson ever” and on Sunday he congratulated him on the occasion of his graduation from St. Charles East, Class of 2021.

Donnie Wahlberg Hangin Out With Tuffy Questell

Donnie and Tuffy have been spreading music, love and joy on their Instagram Stories.

And Donnie, after having shared the clip where they are singing together, posted on Twitter: “Love is the way. That’s all I have to say.”

And… that’s a wrap!

Happy week!