Joey Gets Slammed on Twitter for Giving an Opinion

What a day… First Jon crushed his truck, and then this. It all started with an honest tweet and hell broke loose.

Joey posted,

“Dear Dave Chappelle, please stop smoking in public. You’re one of the few stars that almost everyone seems to like. When you smoke it’s say “smoking is cool.” It’s not cool. It kills people. Please consider. With love and admiration. P.S. we want you here as long as possible xo”

A fan replied,

“Dear Joey.. Sorry bud but you’re over stepping your bounds. Its not your business what others do with their bodies. While I dont like smoking cigarettes, and don’t think its cool, neither do most people. If someone smokes, however, they know the risks and that is their choice.”

He quoted the fan’s tweet and answered,

“I understand. I think that’s a good rule : Dint tweet anything you wouldn’t say to someone’s face. Also if he wasn’t so kind and honest I wouldn’t have posted. He prob won’t even see it but I’m that pro-Dave and that anti-smoking that I felt compelled to let it out there.”

Then another fan said,

“Dave might respond to this constructive criticism better if you reached out to him privately to let him know you care. Just a thought.”

Joey quoted the tweet and shared with all of us,

“He changed his number ??”

Finally another (wise) fan wrote,

“I can’t today. It is not our right to impose our will on other people but it is good to offer truth to someone who may need to hear it. It’s tiring watching you have to defend the right to have an opinion and express it in this world to your fans every year/month/tweet.”

And Joey closed the topic by posting,

“It’s very tricky. Believe me there is so much I post about but it’s not good for my serenity. The reason I did tweet this one is because it came from love. So I don’t need to defend it it. I wasn’t mean when I said it. And if I do tweet I have to be ok with ppl disagreeing xo”


Whoops. Left out a very important – *so much I WANT to post about but I don’t… Ok I’m done with this topic. Glad I put it out there with love. And good to connect with y’all. And to that person that called me a d#%*, I love you too 🙂


What mattered the most for him, at the end of the day, was to wish everybody a Happy Hannukah.