Jon Knight Crushes His Truck

Breath, BH. We could have been looking at a broken nose or worse; but we aren’t (thank goodness)

Around this time last year, Jon was celebrating an early Christmas when he got a new John Deere and yesterday he could have lost one of them.

With a series of pictures of the accident, he wrote on Instagram,

“Almost lost her to a muddy grave. Happy things turned around 4 hours later., and lots of heckling from the ducks”

@JonathanRKnight, IG, Dec 10, 2020

Besides working on his upcoming show on HGTV – Farmhouse Fixer -, Jon lives a full farmer’s life. This year his husband, Harley Rodriguez, traded in his life from the big city of LA and the home he was sharing with Jon in New York City, for a life in the farm and he “adjusted perfectly” – as Jon said.