Joey and Griffin McIntyre Back With a Live Stream

On their first live stream, father and son introduced the young cast of Country Comfort before the show premiered on Netflix on March 19. They talked to Pyper Braun (Chloe), Shiloh Verrico (Cassidy) and Jamie Mann (Brody); the only young member of the cast who couldn’t join was Ricardo Hurtado (Tuck).

They also had special guests Jordan Knight (New Kids On The Block), Jonathan Knight (New Kids On The Block / Farmhouse Fixer) and Adam Ray (actor / comedian). Joey and Griffin not also interviewed the kids of Country Comfort, but also talked to fans and answered to many questions.

And today, they went back with some very special guests: Adam Ray, Donnie Wahlberg and Jamie Mann.

What a set up! What an episode! Joey and Griffin McIntyre’s live stream could easily become a series of interviews; if one is happy only with watching the hosts, how much excited will a viewer be with the guests!

This time, Joey and Griffin were more than ready; Griffin was on the piano for a smooth and classy introduction and then they went right to their new set up: in a room full of light with a painting of a gold jumbox that we feel the need to google and get… asap!

As they were waiting for the first special guest, they replied to comments, sent birthday wishes, and Joey answered to New Kid related question. Will the New Kids be touring this summer? Joey said, “not a big tour, no; there’s stuff in the air and we’re almost settling down (…) we will all be informed very soon.”

Adam Ray showed up with a song for Griffin and Joey – and later also for Donnie – and left us for a while to introduce, “Kaleb,” a huge fan of Country Comfort (who was looking forward to knowing if “Dylan Management” was a real thing) and a Donnie Wahlberg stalker. Hashtag hilarious 

Donnie Wahlberg joined the live stream right after Adam Ray saying, “How do I follow that.” Joey and Griffin immediately congratulated Donnie for a new season of Blue Bloods (which ended the shooting of the 9th season two weeks ago), and Griffin asked him for a shoutout.

We learned that the golf game Griffin shared on Instagram was in New York, that DJ Nice was going to be on the NKOTB cruise and…, regarding that, Donnie said, “we’ll be on the boat soon.” DDub also shared a recurrent nightmare he has, where – in the dream – he takes a nap on the boat and wakes up when the cruise is over! That could never happen since the captain never sleeps!

For the BHs to go gaga, Donnie mentioned he has been “working low key” on something he’ll be sending to Joey and Griffin on Monday: “8 minutes of gloriousness for the potential gathering that we may have this summer.”

And finally, they talked about Alma, and how grateful Donnie was for Joey performing at the service; in a very emotional conversation, Joey and Donnie walked down the memory lane and recalled the influence of their parents, and specially Alma specially; “There’s no us without Alma,” Joey said.

To wrap up the live stream, Jamie Martin Mann (Brody in Country Comfort), joined for a few minutes to talk about what he has been up to, school, and the show!


The Country Comfort cast is now working for a Season 2. Join them on Instagram and ask @netflix for #CountryComfortSeason2.