Joey McIntyre Getting Aligners: Before and After (Streamed Live)

Trying to find the perfect angle, Joey begins his video talking about wrapping up at the Two River Theatre, thanking to everyone who came down and supported it; and then he goes right to the reason he was streaming live: he is getting aligners on his bottom teeth.

Did you know Joey got married at the Plaza Hotel? Fancy! If you didn’t, now you do. That’s how Joey starts the first of two videos streamed live. In the first one, he breaks the news about getting aligners and tells about the hockey accident where he lost some teeth.

He says, “I used to think when I was younger, anybody over twenty getting braces or anything like that,…, I’d be like, pack it in, would you? It’s over! What are you doing! but now, he thinks, “it’s self care.”

In the second video, streamed later that day, he’s walking uptown on his way to get Duncan to the vet and explains more about his aligners.

Two for one! (Plus a bonus) Enjoy!

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