That Time Joey McIntyre Ran Into Amy Schumer

Full face; no mask! That’s how Joey McIntyre begins his second bike ride – in a row – with a clean sky behind him popping up those gorgeous blue eyes.

Did he say something about that NKOTB interview he was going to give today? Nope! He told instead the story of “a day in The City,” and how a newyorker runs into a shooting set – featuring the one and only, Amy Schumer – and goes like, “You’re in my freaking way!”

You know Amy Schumer is a First-Gen BH, don’t you? In fact, he gives a show out to the New Kids On The Block on almost every stand-up show for Netflix (she even did it in her latest movie, “I Feel Pretty”) She’s currently on tour and tickets are available!

Anyways… That’s what happens in NYC… A few years ago, Benedict Cumberbatch showed up in a coffee shop all dressed up in his Dr. Strange custom (‘cos he was shooting the movie, well… duh…) and no one cared. But then he went into a comic book store and, well…, those folks did their best to act cool. ?

And where was I!? Probably sleeping after having chased the New Kids from that epic concert in Coney Island on August 2016 to the last Mixtape Festival in Hershey (PA) two days later (one day actually, if you count the Block Nation Party) and the NKOTB cruise that set sailed from New Orleans…

… Can I say I wish I had met Benedict, hashtag sorry not sorry? Am I still a BH if I say it out-loud?

But… I think Benedict was in NYC earlier that year…

So! No more rumbles! Here’s Joey McIntyre live, from his bike. Enjoy!