Joey McIntyre: “There’s a lot to do in ‘22”

On Monday many BHs came to Joey’s rescue when he posted on Twitter, “Happy Next Year.”

And I got to thinking, How did you begin this 2022? I am asking because Joey’s tweet could have been one of mine… if I’d tweet 🤷🏻‍♀️.

I thought I was going to have a blast with Leonardo DiCaprio’s movie “Don’t Look Up” (which premiered on Netflix, on Dec 24) but if left me quite sad… In case you haven’t watched it: it’s about how the government refuses to take action, even thought it knows for a fact that a meteorite is going to end the human race.

The world is… “you know”, as Joey replied to a BH. Here in Argentina, the energetic crisis has gotten real bad. Quick example? The temperature in the city I’m living at, is reaching the 40ºC / 104ºF (when twenty years ago 30ºC/ 86ºF was unbearable) and our ACs won’t turn on, because the government has been refusing to invest for the past twenty years when it had all the facts that this was going to happen.

I lived in Vegas so I’m emotionally prepared for this heat 🥴; but still…

On Tuesday Joey said, regarding the previous tweet,

“About 90% thought it was a typo 😊
Trying to have a sense of humor going into another year of who knows what!
But loved hearing everyone’s feedback and out look. #goodtalk”

And then on Wednesday, he added,

“Ok, I gotta better one…
From my friend Dion,
“There’s a lot to do in ‘22”
Better right?

So I guess we gotta face the music and keep hangin’ tough, right?

Have a wonderful 2022!

Remember Joey is going to perform at Paper Mill Playhouse, March 24-April 24, 2022, in the play “The Wanderer.” Tickets are still available! And they come with access to cool activities.