Joey McIntyre on Kids and Vulgarity

During a high school hockey game in Pennsylvania, a large group of students chanted vulgarities at a female goalie for an opposing team; the episode was captured on video, posted on social media, the Associated Press picked up the story, and Joey had a lot to say about it.

“None of us should be surprised at this at all. Kids are inundated by vulgarity. Everyone other pop song is x-rated. Somewhere along the line adults gave up. And this is what we have. (TW)

Not all of these kids are “bad kids” and the minority have decent parents but when their heads are buried in inappropriate and harmful content all day then what can we expect? (TW)

Typo- I meant majority, not minority. Maybe I was right the first time. PS- let it begin with me: I gave up cursing for 2021 and it turns out it’s not that hard actually. (TW)

Joey McIntyre had a big change of heart at the beginning of this year: he decided to stop drinking and cursing; back then he posted his New Year resolution and chatted with fans about it.

To wrap up here: I ain’t no holy roller- just want to say that one can be a rockstar and a game changer and be brilliant without cursing and being vulgar. (Ok I’m done – I think) (TW)

Aaaand… I have kids so I know the struggle. We are all in this together. (TW)