What Is Joey McIntyre Doing on a Set in Canada?

Joey McIntyre spent his day enjoying the landscape at the Stanley Park in Vancouver (Canada); and then at night, he sent his birthday wishes to Debbie Gibson from a set. What is he up to?

During the afternoon, Joey posted on Instagram a series of photos of the Stanley Park, which he considered to be the most “gorgeous urban setting”

Of course he seized the moment to do his five-minute meditation, and later posted one of his classics “Namaste” clips.

Later at night, he shared an Instagram Story singing happy birthday to his pop soul mate Debbie Gibson (52) who just celebrated the 35th anniversary of her first album “Out Of The Blue.”

What is he up to? A “set” could mean a photoshoot (but in Canada?) or a screen, which could mean a pilot, a guest appearance on a show? The last time Joe McIntyre made a guest appearance on a TV show, was this year on ABC’s The Goldbergs.

Joey hasn’t even given a hint of what that set was about. So we’ll just have to wait and see.