Joey McIntyre: This is 50

Joey McIntyre finally joined the 50’s gang. The first photo he shared on his day, was a polaroid with the number “50” and immediately I recalled that ten years ago, he did almost the same when he posted a photo of him with the hashtag “ThisIs40”.

So much has happened since then in his life and ours, and somehow it feels it all went in the blink of an eye.

Emanuel Kiriakou (his friend and stage buddy) and Marcello Ambriz (NKOTB’s photographer, now in charge on the social media) shared their salutations through Instagram Stories with two epic photos of Joe.

The New Kids On The Block shared four photos taken by Paris during this past Mixtape Tour.

At midnight, Joey also shared his traditional clip of him with his birthday cake. He celebrated his birthday with family and friends.

Later he posted,

And then one last clip, to reflect and welcome the new year.