Joey Mcintyre: Tik Tok, You Said?

Sooo… If you saw Joey’s tweet (a few weeks ago) regarding a Tik Tok “boyband challenge” and you went like, “What’s happening here?”, you were not alone.

I should have mentioned that tweet (wait for it) in the Weekly 21/05, but I needed to think. (no I didn’t; actually, it was insane to track the whole story because, news flash: Joey didn’t mention much; plus, since I have ADHD I’m neurodivergent, long tasks makes my brain go like “Nope!” and I’m time blindness which means “a month ago” feels like “a minute ago;” so, just, don’t tell anyone and let’s just stick to the: “Laly needed to think”.

You see, in my personal and humble opinion, Joey’s tweet (I said wait for it) needed some BHness… and a dose of Argentinian ego which, who can provide?

BTW, do you know how Argentinians commit suicide? They go to the top of the their egos, and from up there they jump. It is a truth we’re very proud off; even Pope Francis said it (google it… But not now!)

Here’s what happened: On January, Sunday 23, AJ Mc Lean (BSB) created a “Boyband Challenge” on his Tiktok account, and called out Lance Bass (N’SYNC), Joey Mcintyre (NKOTB) and Jeff Timmons (98 Degrees) to take it. Here’s what AJ posted and said:


Ok @lancebass Jeff Timmons amd Joey Mac y’all better bring it.

♬ original sound – AJ McLean

Now, here is how his last words resounded in my brain…

And what did Joey do? “Joey McIntyre,” representing the greatest boyband in the HISTORY of boybands (ok captain, New Edition, shush); he…, He!… He replied on Twitter:

Yyyyeah, um… I’m not on #TikTok.
I got enough rabbit holes in my life.
But meet me on the corner and I’ll throw down anytime!

@JoeyMcIntyre, Jan 27, 2021

Lance Bass took the challenge and he nailed it!


@ajmcleanofficial challenged me to dance my favorite Boyband dance. I will forever be a blockhead! AJ, I need an *NSYNC dance stat#NKOTB #BoyBandWars

♬ original sound – Lance Bass

So, that is why I needed to think; I needed to let my hyperactive brain to take its time so it could work its magic while I clean my cats vomit and defend BHs honor (I’m not just a writer/blogger, you know; I also work for two cats)

Finally, the answered came to me… and here it is: First of all, this boyband challenge, was not created by AJ McLean; it was actually originated in New Kids On The Block’s epic video, “Boys in the Band.” And Joey McIntyre have already nailed it.

Here’s exhibit A:

Now, according to AJ’s rules Joey had to choose his favorite boyband for the challenge; so you may wonder, is “Take That” Joey’s favorite boyband? YES (no; shush; nobody will know) What Joey did, raised the bar to a whole other level.

Second, Joey McIntyre has two plays in his schedule: The Wanderer and Radio Galaxy; and as the serious and committed actor that he is, Joey is fully focused on learning his scripts and getting into character. So, time for TikToking? Nah.

I rest my case.

We won, right?

So, take that, AJ! (love you; you da best; let’s be BBFs)


  • Aj has a new single, “Call Me Back,” which you can listen here.
  • Lance has a podcast, “The Lance Bass Show”, about the latest in the entertainment industry (including interviews!) You can choose your podcast provider at this link and find it on Instagram at @TheLanceBassShow.
  • Jeff tweeted recently that he is “Looking for BRAND new artists for a new cool project. Must be 18-24 years of age. Any type of music! DM me your stuff!” Find Jeff on Twitter at @JeffTimmons
  • Don’t forget BSB have a new radio show on Apple and that Joey was one of the first guests!