Joey McIntyre’s Children on Debbie Allen’s “Dance Dreams: Hot Chocolate Nutcracker”

The little macs are on Netflix! Yes, the three of them; it’s not just Griffin with his upcoming show.

Griffin McIntyre (13), Rhys McIntyre (11) and Kira McIntyre (9) are part of the new Debbie Allen’s documentary that follows young dance students as they audition and rehearse for the “Hot Chocolate Nutcracker.”

Joey McIntyre and his family. Anaheim (CA) May 25, 2019

A first generation Blockhead may know the multitalented Debbie Allen from her role in the 80s’ TV show “Fame;” a second generation Blockhead may know her as Dr. Catherine Avery Fox, one of the most iconic characters in Grey’s Anatomy. 

Debbie Allen. Then and Now

The McIntyres’ though, have known her for a while; in 2014, Griffin – already part of Allen’s Academy – performed in “Brothers of the Knight.” Back then, Joey McIntyre (recently arrived from the NKTOB’s European Tour) and his wife Barret Williams, were at the Red Carpet talking about Griffin and Debbie’s academy.

In the “Hot Chocolate Nutcracker” Griffin McIntyre is part of the cast of additional dancers, while Rhys and Kira are additional dancers of Debbie Allen’s Academy. The documentary is very fun to watch; we get to see Griffin a few times, to spot Rhys on a corner and to see Kira in the arms of Debbie at the end of the film. 

It’s a must watch with the family.

Watch it now on Netflix.