Jonathan Knight and Kirstie Alley: “Smoochy” on the Wild Seas

Jonathan Knight and Kirstie Alley have been celebrating their friendship on the sea, and Jon’s boyfriend Harley Rodriguez has a few thoughts about it.

On Wednesday, Kirstie posted a series of “smoochy” photos on Twitter…

… to which Harley responded the next day with a Moby pic, saying, “I’m coming for you @kirstiealley!!! Jonathan Knight’s got lotsa ‘splainin to do!!!”

Claiming the rights over her future husband “Jonny boy”, Kirstie shared this morning a photo of Jon sleeping, captioning it, “wanna know what Jonny boy looks like sleeping ??? right before he kills me…@JonathanRKnight WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!”

Who’s gonna say what, next? LOL