Jordan Knight Is In the Studio!

They leave breadcrumbs… They enjoy leaving breadcrumbs for us, while we go crazy trying to figure out what’s next and we begin coming up with our “theories”…

Jordan Knight posted a picture on instagram, and without further introduction he wrote, “Studioooo!!!”

Donnie Wahlberg replied to Jordan’s post saying, “I got next!!!!”, and some of the Blockheads are wondering if this is the path to “Stingy Part 2”.

However, we must keep in mind that Joey, almost two months ago, also wrote on Instagram, “This is me in the studio – dramatically thinking of the next lyric. I’d love to tell you about what it is I am working on and with whom, but that’s prohibitive… But you won’t have to wait too long to hear.”

So… Are they all part of these studio sessions?

Theories! Now! Or a spy… We could use a spy…