Jordan Knight on Trump’s Racist Comments

After NKOTB’s virtual cruise, Jordan came back to Twitter – after months of being silent – with a couple of tweets regarding shares and the return of the UFC. But then last night, he took another turn.

Sharing a clip from CNN, where Trump asks an Asian American reporter to “Ask China” about the coronavirus deaths, Jordan began to share his thoughts:

To twist, distort and magnify everything into a racist story is racist, exploitative and devisive on the media’s part. Him saying “ask China” to a reporter who is Asian is not racist unless you are viewing everything through a racial lens. And they say Trump is devisive?!

@JordanKnight, May 11, 2020

To make it more clear folks.. he would have responded that way to ANY reporter there! He would have said “Ask China” to a white male reporter in the same tone! How many times has he got into it with Jim Acosta? But nooo the media connects “ask China” with the Asian reporter and..

@JordanKnight, May 11, 2020

Now it’s a racist comment. Give me a break. Whatever you think of him, is fine with me.. I’m just calling out the blatant BS and narrative and spin of the media in this particular little exchange..

@JordanKnight, May 11, 2020

And whatever you all think of my tweets about this and whatever you think about me for tweeting it… it’s all good. I ❤️ all of you and we can disagree.

@JordanKnight, May 11, 2020


The next night, he tweeted

Should we move on to religion for the next topic? ?

Jordan Knight, May 13, 2020