Jordan Knight on Trump’s Racist Comments

After NKOTB’s virtual cruise, Jordan came back to Twitter – after months of being silent – with a couple of tweets regarding shares and the return of the UFC. But then last night, he took another turn.

Sharing a clip from CNN, where Trump asks an Asian American reporter to “Ask China” about the coronavirus deaths, Jordan began to share his thoughts:

To twist, distort and magnify everything into a racist story is racist, exploitative and devisive on the media’s part. Him saying “ask China” to a reporter who is Asian is not racist unless you are viewing everything through a racial lens. And they say Trump is devisive?!

@JordanKnight, May 11, 2020

To make it more clear folks.. he would have responded that way to ANY reporter there! He would have said “Ask China” to a white male reporter in the same tone! How many times has he got into it with Jim Acosta? But nooo the media connects “ask China” with the Asian reporter and..

@JordanKnight, May 11, 2020

Now it’s a racist comment. Give me a break. Whatever you think of him, is fine with me.. I’m just calling out the blatant BS and narrative and spin of the media in this particular little exchange..

@JordanKnight, May 11, 2020

And whatever you all think of my tweets about this and whatever you think about me for tweeting it… it’s all good. I ❤️ all of you and we can disagree.

@JordanKnight, May 11, 2020


The next night, he tweeted

Should we move on to religion for the next topic? ?

Jordan Knight, May 13, 2020


  1. I think Jordan is focusing too much on this particular exchange, and what happened, instead of looking at the entire context of Trump’s actions. Obviously, this is not the first time Trump’s made questionable comments, so the way it was reported is contextualized. Of course, everything has spin, but if you look at FOX news it’s the same thing. Much love Jordan.

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