Jordan Knight and Evelyn Melendez

Marriage: Jordan Knight and Evelyn Melendez

Jordan and Evelyn have been together since the late 90s. They received their first child Dante in 1999 (on August 25) and they got married five years later in 2004 (on September 12th)

Jordan Knight’s Wedding

In an interview for ET Online, Jordan said that on their wedding he sang to her “I’ll be Loving You (Forever)”

“It was kind of impromptu (…) There was a piano on wheels and a friend of mine pushed it in and was like, ‘And, now Jordan’s going to sing, ‘I’ll Be Loving You (Forever)!’ He put me on the spot, so I sang it. (…) When I was singing, I was really feeling it and meaning it, so I think she knew that. We both cried and it was definitely a beautiful moment.”

Jordan Knight for ET OnLine

Jordan Knight Welcomes Second Son, Eric Jacob

Jordan and Evelyn’s second son, Eric Jacob, was born in 2007 (on February 21st) Back then, Jordan told People Magazine,

“I can’t believe the strength of my wife,” Knight, 36, tells PEOPLE. “Now that the intense emotions have passed, I’m walking around on cloud nine!”

Jordan Knight, for People Magazine

Life Today

Jordan Knight and Evelyn Melendez are – to this date- a happy couple with a happy family, regardless of rumours and gossips of divorce.

In 2020, during NKOTB’s live Stream on Youtube, “Holiday Potluck,” Jordan mentioned that the family was about to receive two new members: two mini poodles that are going to be named Milo and Luna.

In 2017, the couple attended a Christmas Party (that was actually a Pijama Party), and Jordan shared live on Facebook his trip to the store to get cranberry juice for his wife.