Kevin Bacon Sings Hangin’ Tough (And That Time Joey… What!?)

Are you Gen-X; 1st Generation Blockhead? If so, you know the man, “Kevin Bacon”; he was your backup boyfriend in case you couldn’t get Danny, Donnie, Joey, Jon or Jordan; he was among that mental list you had, which included Patrick Dempsey, Robert Downey Jr, Rob Lowe and George Michael.

Wasn’t that your case? Did you have another New Kid as backup?!

Ok… George Michael may not have been on your list; but he was in mine … and he broke my teenage heart when I found out I wouldn’t get a chance with him “at all;” I cried so much when that scene (that’s not worth mentioning) showed up all over the news, that my foster mother seemed oddly understanding and said, “I get you;” and I yelled at her, “No! You don’t get it! You don’t understand!” and she said, “Honey, I was in love with Freddy Mercury.”

And, If you’re a 2nd Generation Blockhead and you’re like, “what’s the deal with this old man?” … wash your mouth and then – if you could be so kind to please – watch “Footloose,” you’ll understand what the fuzz is all about (Not the remake with Julianne Hough; I love her but that was one of the worst remakes ever done) .

I mean look at this… Hot stuff… He ages so well…🥰

Kevin Bacon then and now
Screenshot of “Tremors” (1990) to the left; and captured from “sorry I shouldn’t have don this” to the right.

You can keep looking at him; the New Kids aren’t watching; and if they are, you know what to say, right? “You are my favorite!!”

BTW: If you’re going to watch the movie for the first time, you’ll see a brunette and say, “Mom/auntie/whatever, isn’t that… the old lady from Sex and the City?”; yes, she is; wash your mouth one more time; thank you.

Oh! And do you remember when we talked about Joey watching The Crown and I mentioned John Lithgow? (Churchill!); well, in Footloose he plays the father of the girl… Appreciate the transformation and become a cinema nerd like me ?

I know! I cannot stop rambling about the 80s when something like this happens. Kevin Bacon singing Hangin’ Tough? Our song? He knows US!!!! The New Kids shared the clip on Twitter saying, “Cutest “Hangin’ Tough” cover ever!!! Amazing job, Kevin Bacon!”

Joey McIntyre also shared the clip on his Instagram Stories, adding, “From one 80s #GOAT to another.” And he’s right! Kevin Bacon is one of the GOATs of the 80s, and Joey may have been one his greatest fans…

Did you know? During the Mixtape Tour, while Joey was biking all over the US, he went to his old school, St. Mary’s Elementary School, and shared a funny anecdote:

During a field trip on fifth grade, Joey brought a boombox (like a huge iPhone with speakers, baby blockhead) and the soundtrack to “Footloose;” And, as Joey said, they played over and over again the song “Let’s Hear It for the Boy” while he was in the back of the bus “with all the girls and all the boys were jealous.” ☺️

Enough! Ok… So! Without any further introduction (and promising I would never promise to not ramble again ‘cos my hyperactive brain won’t allow it), here’s Kevin Bacon, singing New Kids On The Block’s “Hangin’ Tough.” Enjoy!

About Joey’s video mentioned above: the whole clip is priceless. He visits his house, his neighbourhood and shares a lot of childhood anecdotes; but if you want to jump to “The School” use this link to get to 6:41.

And… I’m out!