Mixtape Tour Journal: Day -1

It is exhilarating to see the New Kids On The Block coming together when they are about to hit the road for a new tour. These five guys have been friends for a lifetime and it shows, especially in days like these.

Jordan Knight, who has closed all his social media outlets on February 2021 and who was the funniest “live streamer” (if that’s an expression) has taken another role apparently: popping up in other New Kids’ posts.

Watch Joey McIntyre and Jordan Knight fooling around during NKOTB’s rehearsals in Cincinnati. 5/09/22

The New Kids on the Block began sharing their last (long) day of rehearsals early at noon, and they continued doing so on social media and on the NKOTB App.

Besides Joey’s instagram stories, Donnie Wahlberg posted a photo with Jonathan Knight, chilling in the dressing room.

From the team, choreographer Sunny Walters and photographer Marcello Ambriz shared a few thoughts. Sunny mentioned she spent Mother’s Day with her kids ☺️, and Marcello reflected on how it feels like to witness NKOTB rehearsing without the fans in the arena.

Rick Astley was also excited about the run through in the empty arena…

Past midnight, an exhausted – but fully committed to finish with all the remaining details – Donnie Wahlberg, shared a story with a photo from behind the scenes and the song “All Night Long”. Also fully committed to his fans, he greeted the ones who had been waiting at the lobby 😌.

The New Kids On The Block spent the day retweeting memories from fans; they let us know they are back in the NKOTB App with exclusive content and they gave us quite a surprise: they released “barstools”!

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Joey wrapped up the day with a thoughtful tweet for a BH πŸ˜‚

We’ve got three exciting months ahead. The Mixtape Tour will travel across the US until July 23rd, with special guests Rick Astley, Salt-N-Pepa and En Vogue. Tickets are still available!