Nashville’s Mixtape Tour Journal: The Sixth New Kid Throws Pop Corn

What’s with the title? Well… The “Sixth New Kid” title has been awarded to many people over the years, including us Blockheads; but I believe there’s one to which the guys have referred with awe more than once, as “something” that seems otherworldly… and in Nashville, it made an outstanding debut.

Back In Time, And Hello Paris!

12 PM ET! Donnie was sharing his farewell to Indianapolis (*) and Joey was still reminiscing the show with his hilarious reposts

(*) At the end of this journal you’ll find an edit 🎬 with many more stories, including spoilers)

Later the New Kids posted the official photos from that concert, which – in case you haven’t noticed – have a new author: Paris Visone, who has joined Marcello Ambriz as part of the photography team.

A little bit about Paris? She’s a true Blockhead, she had heart surgery just a few weeks ago and now she’s on tour! Hashtag BadAssWeLoveYouAlready.

Hello, Nashville

Donnie Wahlberg was beyond grateful and shared a wonderful quote on Twitter (which I wish I had read at the moment) and Danny changed his profile pic after the show.

Then, it was all about the Celtics!

🎬 The Edit

And here it is; more stories; huge spoiler from Danny Wood and the great discovery that the sixth New Kid throws pop corn 🙈