St. Louis’ Mixtape Tour Journal: “Hold On…”

Are we still talking about the sixth New Kid throwing pop corn? “Yes” But hold on because St. Louis was a massive block party with Danny’s birthday, we’ve got some news and a couple more spoilers.

See You Soon, My Friend!

Early in the morning, Sunny let us know she was leaving the tour “for now” with an emotional post on her IG:

Another friend that has left the caravan is Marcello Ambriz (and now we understand why Paris joined the team). Marcello had to leave 😢, he photographs other bands too, you know; he even went on tour with Ricky Martin! We’ll see him again in Los Angeles, where the Mixtape Tour is going to rock the house at the Staples Center on May 27th.

Anyways, he shared the news with a clip where a guy seems to be having the time of his life, on his own 😂

Before the Show: Donnie Wahlberg and the Sad Face Filter

You gotta love when they fool around like this…

Danny’s Birthday

Check out what happened in the previous post… which is this one:

Danny Wood Celebrates His Birthday on the Mixtape Tour

The chef of The Wood Works celebrated his 53 years with BHs singing happy birthday during the meet and greet.

During the Show: Spoiler Alert

Danny Wood not only streamed live when the New Kids were singing “The Whisper” and he was taking selfies, but also two clips of him singing “Hold On” and “Valentine Girl”

The Whisper

Hold On

Valentine Girl

After the Show

After the show, Jonathan was chatty. He asked on Twitter how are we liking the Farmhouse Fixer Season 2 Preview, and he gave some “farmhouse fixer” advice to Dr. Hoffman (the “kid-napper”, remember?)

Last but not least, about Joe Mac and the Pop Corn … “situation”, thank goodness I took time to organize my thoughts 👇🏻(*)

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(*) Updated on May 17, 2022