New Edition Received the BET Life Achievement Award And NKOTB Was Part of the Tribute

New Edition was honored with the BET Life Achievement award, and NKOTB was part of the tribute. Will they be part of a joined tour too?

@DonnieWahlberg, “New Edition on the Block! @mrrickybell @neweditionofficial #Boston #NEOTB!”. May 3, 2017

The BET Awards – which celebrate African-American accomplishments in Entertainment and Sports – paid tribute last night to New Edition, honoring them with the Life Achievement award. And there’s no wonder why; these guys made history with 7 studio albums, more than 25 top charting hits and over 20 million records sold worldwide.

During the ceremony, an honoree reel was displayed featuring LL Cool J, La La Anthony, Usher, and many others that make our jaw drop, talking about what New Edition means to them; and of course, our very own New Kids On The Block were part of the tribute. Donnie Wahlberg said, “If there was no New Edition, there would be no New Kids On The Block, no Boyz II Men, no Backstreet Boys, no N’Sync, nothing”.

NKOTB and New Edition have been linked since the very beginning, since it was Maurice Starr who was behind the origin of both bands, in Boston. The bands grew taking their own paths, but they came together on June 2008, when New Edition (minus Bobby Brown) joined the New Kids to record together the song “Full Service”, written by Donnie Wahlberg, RedOne and Lady Gaga. The track ended up in the NKOTB comeback album, “The Block”. [Learn More]

Almost ten years later, NKOTB’s dream of working with New Edition is still very much alive. During a recent interview for Billboard, while talking about who is still on the New Kids On The Block wish list to tour with, Joey McIntyre said, “I think there’s one big one left that we’ve always thought it would be a dream come true if it worked out (…) I guess it’s no secret that growing up, being from Boston, and New Edition being from Boston, and looking up to those guys. But again, you’re looking at six other guys, five or six other guys, and it’s tough. It’s really gotta be in the stars.”

Well Joe, if there is something we know as Blockheads – with capital B – is that dreams born in our hearts always end up shinning in the stars. So we just have to raise our eyes to the sky, and wait for it… 😉


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