NKOTB Cruise XI: Get Ready to Get Ready

As it happens every year, countless groups are created on Facebook for the upcoming cruise; some of them focus on the group photos, begin to make new friends or answer common questions for the first-time cruisers, and it can all be a little bit confusing.

So here you have some of the common questions regarding what’s probably concerning you the most: how much is it going to cost and how are the payment plans. 

Comments are open for new questions and, of course, you are also more than welcome to share your Facebook or Twitter Group link to invite new friends. Let’s make a list! This is going to be fun, fun, fun!

If after reading this summary, you still have questions, please use the comments below and we’ll add it to this list.

When is the Cruise Going to Be Announced?

The New Kids want to set sail on the next Spring; so, if we think about past cruises: this one could be announced in August and set sail on May, or it could be announced on September and set sail on June.

This is an estimate. Don’t bite your nails or cuticles yet and, if you feel the need to, paint them in blue like Joey does 😉

Joey McIntyre at The Beauty Room. Cleveland (OH) May 3, 2019

Photography by @joeymcintyre

How Does the Sale Take Place?

After the cruise is announced, the sale takes place initially during three days:

  • The first two days, is what is called the “pre-sale”: during the first day, this sale opens to Block Nation members; the second day, it opens to past cruisers;
  • On the third day, the sale opens to the general public. 

Q: Having a Block Nation membership or being a past cruisers, secures a spot during the pre-sale?

A: No… It gives you a good advantage, but it won’t secure you a spot. You can join Block Nation here; you’ll get an exclusive Block Nation member gift and so many benefits!

Q: How Can I Get More Chances to Secure a Cabin?

A: Be online on time; use Chrome or Firefox to book (I’ve had plenty of issues with Safari and I’ve read nightmare tales about whatever it comes with Windows these days) 

Plus, everybody wants to be on deck 7 or 6, so if you really want a chance to secure a spot, even if you have the money, I’d say choose a lower deck.

How Much Does a Cabin Cost? Categories and Payment Plans

Bare in mind that you’ll be paying for a bed in a cabin, so the prices you’ll see are per person. The cabin’s price have always started at $ 699 plus taxes ($ 329 on the last cruise), which makes a total of $ 1,028. 

Now, when it’s time book, here’s how it goes; we need to know about: a) the categories, and b) the payment plan according each category.

a) The Categories (Two Main Categories of Cabins)

Cabins are split in different groups, and what makes the real difference is a reserved seat within the first rows for all reserved events in the main show lounge; but what matters the most – when it comes to the payment – is the two categories; usually, they are as follows:

Categories 1A to 8C: no reserved seats.

Categories 8D to CS: reserved seats within the first rows for all reserved events in main show lounge; during the last cruise (2018) they were grouped in four, receiving a seat: within the first 14 rows; the first 6 rows; the first 2 rows; and the first row;

Q: If I get an 8C cabin (which is more expensive than an 1A cabin) will I get a better seat? 

A: All seats are given by time of booking

b) The Payment Plan (according the categories)

First you make a “deposit” when you book; for the first category you’ll give $ 300, and for the second category $ 500.

After your deposit, you’ll have secured your cabin! 

Next, you can pay at your convenience, meaning: you can pay every month, a little bit this month, a little bit another month. However, there are two due dates you have to keep in mind:

The first due date, is what is called the “second payment,” usually four months after you’ve booked, and this is charged automatically to your credit card on file. For the first category of cabins you’ll be charged $ 500, and for the second category $ 1000.

The second and last due date, is the “final payment”, when you’ll be charged for the remaining.

How about an example?

Let’s say you’ve got a cabin for $699 (first category) plus taxes (remember the taxes, $ 329 on the last cruise), which makes a total of $: 1,028

  • You book by paying $300 (the deposit)
  • Next, you can make monthly payments (for any amount you want), or wait until your “second payment” when $ 500 will be charged automatically to your credit card in file;
  • Finally, you can keep making monthly payments or wait until you’re charged the remaining of $ 228.

Q. Can I pay in Full?

A. Of course you can.

Q. Can Two Friends Try to Book the Same Cabin from Different Devices?

A. No

Q. Is There an Easy Cabin or Category of Cabins to Book?

A. No one can tell if this year we’ll have more single cruisers or more groups in one cabin; no one can tell if cruisers will be willing to pay the cheapest or the most expensive cabin. “Será, lo que será” Expect the worst, and hope for the best 😉

Q. I have so many questions! Where can I find more information?

A. The cruise hasn’t been announced yet, so what we know is from the past cruises. REST ASURE that you’ll have everything you need to know at the official page, even a list of FAQ, and you’ll have plenty of time to READ all the info carefully and patiently (right?… I think people at Rose Tours are freaking out already)

How to Book (Update)

Since you’re also wondering about how to book, check out this new page on how to book, step by step.

Now, bring your questions, bring your groups, and get ready to get ready!

Woot, woot!