Join NKOTB Day’s 2022 Special Celebration

Alexa knew what was coming! On this upcoming NKOTB Day, we’ll get to experience a special celebration without precedents.

NKOTB Day. Special Edition. 4/24/22.

1. Show Your Love

The New Kids on the Block want to see how we show our love for them; Wearing NKOTB merch all day? Listening to our favorite songs all day?

We’ll do that, and they will repost what we share all day long on NKOTB Day.

How to:

  1. Grab the icons
  2. Use it as your profile photo
  3. On NKOTB Day, tag @nkotb telling them how you show your love for them, using the hashtag #NKOTBDay

Let’s turn all social media into a Block Party!

2. Book a Ride, Get Free Tickets!

How fun is this! Take a ride with your BBH 😉, listening to the beat of your favorite music and guided by the instructors of SoulCycle.

By booking a ride, you’ll get 2 concert tickets for the upcoming Mixtape Tour 2022.

SoulCycle is an immersive and intense full-body workout. Their legendary instructors guide you through class—helping you lose yourself in the ride, the music, the experience. They ride to the beat, whip our towels in the air, and occasionally scream out our favorite lyrics at the top of our lungs. It’s an epic cardio party on a bike and you’re about to be obsessed.


How to:

  1. Head over to
  2. Book a “90’s Mixtape Ride”
  3. That’s it!

90’s Mixtape’s Rides are the following:

PCMK: 90’S MIXTAPE RIDE with Olivia on Sunday, 4/24 at 10:45AM

SNJO: 90’S MIXTAPE RIDE with Marissa on Sunday, 4/24 at 8:30AM

OLTN: 90’S MIXTAPE RIDE with Brent on Sunday, 4/24 at 11:45AM

WEND: 90’S MIXTAPE RIDE with Kathleen on Sunday, 4/24 at 11:45AM

DNVR: 90’S MIXTAPE RIDE with Luke H. on Sunday, 4/24 at 10:45AM

PORT: 90’S MIXTAPE RIDE with Allie H. on Sunday, 4/24 at 11:45AM

HBKN: 90’S MIXTAPE RIDE with Valentine on Sunday, 4/24 at 11:45AM

WEHO: 90’S MIXTAPE RIDE with Diego on Sunday, 4/24 at 11:45AM

PRST: 90’S MIXTAPE RIDE with Matt A. on Sunday, 4/24 at 11:45AM

ROTX: 90’S MIXTAPE RIDE with Cole Ryden on Sunday, 4/24 at 4:0PM

3. Mixtape Tour Tickets for $19,89!

Get your #MixTapeTour2022 tickets for $19.89 + plus fees while supplies last this Sunday only.

How to:

  1. On NKOTB Day, head over
  2. Grab your ticket before they fly!

Now, how excited are you to celebrate this NKOTB Day?