NKOTBoston is Happening, is Happening, is Happening!

The wait is starting to feel like an elephant’s pregnancy; and in fact, it is a big thing we’re waiting for ?

It also seems like a lifetime ago when Danny Wood announced, on an Instagram live stream, that the New Kids On The Block were going to play on Fenway Park. Do you remember that? That was on January 27, 2020.

Then, we all know what happened. Due to the pandemic, the concert had to be postponed to July 16, 2021. Back then, Donnie tweeted,

“If we can’t all get there from around the world, and we can’t all be there together with the 100% assurance of your health, then we simply cannot go forward — Yet. But #NKOTB & #BBD will ride w the #BHFamily. Stay tuned.”

Donnie Wahlberg / Twitter

But! Since the world is still in a transition period, nothing is certain and we remain waiting to hear a final confirmation.

This year on March, Donnie Wahlberg posted twelve (12) clips on his Instagram Stories saying “Believe”, suggesting that the concert was going to happen as planned.

Now yesterday… He did it again… And not also he posted two more clips but Joey McIntyre streamed his “Namaste” wearing an NKOTBoston t-shirt. Is that a tease?

I say it’s happening! What do you say?