Donnie and Joey Getting Reading for NKOTB Live In Hawaii

One week off, and one more for the road… or the air, we shall say. The Mixtape Tour ended on July 23rd, and Joey and Donnie are already back on tour mode for the upcoming weekend of NKOTB in Hawaii.

NKOTB Hawaii (or New Kids On The Block Live in Hawaii) is a series of three concerts; tickets and VIPs are still available. VIP upgrades close two days before the show. Don’t miss yours!

During this past week off, Jonathan Knight went back to the farm life and celebrated he has been featured on the cover of Valpack. And…, in cased you missed it, Jonathan’s show on HGTV “Farmhouse Fixer” is going to premiere its Season 2 this August.

Now, this week we are back on tour mode! This afternoon, Joey was doing his meditation, sharing his Namaste and reminiscing about his days in “Tik Tik Boom.”

Donnie Wahlberg, was also in New York shooting Blue Bloods. And a few hours after Joey’s IG stories, we saw them on the plane.

Will they stop in Miami to pick up Danny? Where are they going to meet up for rehearsals? Stay tuned!